My New Book: Passing the Bar

I just completed my first book and self-published it on Amazon.  It is a book for law image002school students to understand the bar exam, the preparation process for taking the exam, and all of the tips and advice that I experienced or learned while I was preparing to take the bar exam.  It is by no means a polished work, however, it provides a number of useful tips that I am certain will help law school students to prepare for the exam.

In my last year of law school, one of the biggest stresses in taking the exam was the uncertainty in it.  I understood the high-level requirements of the bar, but not the details in preparing for it.  I have tried to compile those tidbits of experience into a single resource that individuals can quickly read to glean an understanding of the exam.

The Book:  Passing the Bar Exam on Your First Try:  My Strategy to Prepare For and Take the California Bar Exam and How It Can Help You.