Attorney Profile

My name, my full name, is Robert Bruce Dundas.  I was named by my paternal grandfather after the first king of Scotland, ‘Robert the Bruce’.  I was born and raised in San Juan Capistrano, CA, and am the son of an insurance broker and a registered nurse, but am the product of divorce, so also have the influence of a coach to contribute to my upbringing.  I graduated high school from Capistrano Valley High School, and relocated to Fresno, CA to attend college at Fresno State University.  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  Like many with that major, I was admitted to the teacher credentialing program and landed a job teaching Science, Biology and Chemistry for Buchanan High School.

The Internet was in full swing and my then new wife, Megan, and I relocated to Santa Cruz, CA, where I worked as a Program Manager in IT for Seagate Technology, and she as an Administrative Assistant in HR for Seagate as well.  I learned to program computers, and when the Internet ‘bubble’ burst, I worked as a programmer and project manager.

After raising two of my three children in Santa Cruz, we wanted to relocate back to Fresno to be with family and friends and purchase a house.  I have been telecommuting for Seagate for many years, and completed my legal education at night attending San Joaquin College of Law.  I graduated in June, 2013, and was admitted to the bar in December, 2013.

I chose Estate Planning as an area of practice early in my legal career because I have always felt that I could help families when help is needed most.  I believe that I am calm, compassionate, well-organized and genuinely care about the needs of people in the passing of a loved one.  I entered the legal profession because I felt that it was my best opportunity to help people.  The motto by which I wish to run my practice is that a person will enter as a client, but leave as a friend.

Practice Areas

  • Estate Planning
      • Probate
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Trust Management
    • Asset Protection
  • Small Business
    • Business Entity Formation
    • Preparing and Filing Articles
    • Preparing Byaws
    • General business issues and questions