Cannabis Business Attorney

Fresno, California marijuana business lawyer

Marijuana Business LawyerI am a solo practitioner attorney specializing in cannabis business law. I am not a law firm and I won’t charge big firm fees or require you to pay by the minute. Most of our work can be completed over the phone, email, fax, and video conferencing. I will help you complete your cannabis or ancillary business plan, cannabis business formation documents, state licensing and compliance, cannabis compliance with state, county and city regulations and any other marijuana related legal services you or your business requires.

Whether you are creating a corporation, non-profit organization, business license, cannabis license or general business plan, I can help carry your business through all of the legal hoops and requirements to bring your business into compliance with cannabis regulations and other state and tax laws.

It is a dream of mine to partner with my clients and work together to launch their business and be a part of their success. I want to be your legal voice and trusted counsel and help guide your way through the difficulty of state and local legislature. As your marijuana lawyer, I will act as your advocate to advise you on your legal choices and protecting your best interests.

Business Formation: If you’re starting a new company or changing an existing one, I will draft the supporting documentation and file them with the appropriate entities. Whether creating a non-profit organization, corporation, limited liability company, or an agreement, I will educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of each and work with you to complete the supporting documentation for each.

Land Use Permits: Local land use laws determine what land can be used for what purpose and how many structures are allowed to occupy it. I will help you identify which zoning and permit regulations apply to your business, apply for the necessary permits, and seek the permission of regulatory boards, planning commissions, city councils, and other agencies or boards when a variance is needed.

State Licensing: Temporary licenses are being issued beginning January 1, 2018. These licenses will be good for 120 days, at which time business operators will have to present evidence of their compliance with the licensing requirements. I will help prepare your licensing application, supporting permits and documentation and help you file your application with the state administrative agency (Bureau of Cannabis Control).

Compliance: Once your license is issued, you will need to maintain certain business practices to ensure that you remain compliant with the licensing regulations. I will help identify which requirements apply to your business and ensure that you are aware of exactly what you need to do to remain compliant. Compliance will ensure that your license renewal is easy and uneventful.

Product Tracking: I can assist you in developing a tracking strategy for the seed-to-sale regulatory requirement. This will be one of the principal components of remaining compliant with the license requirements. Once implemented, we want this tracking to be automatic and not something you need to spend hours each day maintaining.

Taxes and Fees: The new regulations require $9.25 per dry-weight ounce of cannabis flowers and $2.75 per dry-weight ounce of cannabis leaves, payable to a licensed distributor. This will mean that you have a reliable and accurate product tracking process and can account for each ounce either received and/or sold.